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Take control of your studying whenever and wherever they go. Available on any device, you can study in the comfort of your home or while you’re stuck in a queue! We break down each section of the UCAT: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement. For each section, we’ll explain the most common situations or phrasing. We’ll go over the key concepts, then show you the fastest and most efficient ways to answer every question type. We also ask you questions throughout to keep you on your toes. All lessons are fully repeatable and you can jump to any point. If you get interrupted or have to take a break, it’s easy to pick up where you left off!

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Verbal Reasoning
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    • Introduction
    • Preparation
    • Number scanning
    • Noun scanning
    • To read or not to read
    • Subjectivity
    • Soft and strict qualifiers
    • Future predictions
    • Subtle Differences
    • Assumptions
    • Statement questions
    • Not using your own knowledge
    • How to keep improving
    • How to guess
  • 02
    Quantitative Reasoning
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    • Reading data accurately and quickly
    • Introduction to calculating percentages
    • Percent more than and percent of
    • Increasing or reducing by a percentage
    • Reversing percentage increases
    • Amount equaling a percentage
    • Essential percentage practice
    • Unit Conversions
    • Speed, distance, time calculations
    • Tax calculations
    • Time zone tables
    • Midpoints
    • Drug doses
    • Mean, median, modes
    • Keeping key facts
    • Guesstimating
    • Mental arithmetic - percentages
    • Table shortcuts
    • Pythagoras
    • Perimeters, areas and volumes
  • 03
    Decision Making
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    • Introduction
    • Converting fractions and percentages
    • Probability - Affirmative simplifying
    • Probability - Tree Diagrams
    • Understanding Venn diagrams
    • Choose the Venn diagram
    • Creating Venn diagrams
    • Select the strongest argument
    • Logic Puzzles
    • Shape Equations
    • Conclusion drawing - Text
    • Conclusion drawing - Visual data
    • All X in group Y
  • 04
    Abstract Reasoning
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    • Introduction
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Distractors
    • Pattern Recognition - Numbers
    • Pattern Recognition - Edges
    • Pattern Recognition - Evens and odds
    • Pattern Recognition - Overlaps
    • Pattern Recognition - Colour and Ratios
    • Pattern Recognition - Position and relativity
    • Pattern Recognition - Symmetry
    • Pattern Recognition - If/then patterns
    • Multiple patterns - Shape, Size and Curvature
    • Complete the statement
    • Complete the series
    • Set A or B
  • 05
    Situational Judgement
    Show Content
    • Introduction
    • How to Approach Appropriateness Questions
    • How to Approach Importance Questions
    • Understanding Key Medical Themes and Duties of a Doctor
    • Medical Themes 1 & 2: Clinical Seniority and Due Diligence
    • Medical Themes 3, 4 & 5: Teamwork, Local Resolutions and Effective Communication
    • Medical Themes 6 & 7: Honesty, Integrity and Patient Safety
    • Medical Theme 8: Confidentiality
    • Top Tips
  • 06
    Mock Exam 1
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    • Open UCAT REACT - Mock Exam 1
  • 07
    Mock Exam 2
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    • Open UCAT REACT - Mock Exam 2

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